Medical Aesthetics vs. Beauty Salon

Basically, the difference between medical aesthetics and regular beauty salon treatments is that in medical centres the treatments, technology and machinery are more advanced, more powerful and, thus, more effective than what most beauty salons would have to offer. Our machines, for example, are medical grade and we must adhere to strict industry and medical standards in Hong Kong to operate them.

Medical-grade beauty treatments are becoming increasingly popular as clients are demanding a more professional approach using highly sophisticated machinery for optimal results.

Generally, a medical aesthetic centre needs to hire staff with the proper laser training and qualifications to operate a laser machine including all the other medical grade equipment we have. The staff is guaranteed to be highly experienced and properly trained, which is extremely important.

What is the difference between medical aesthetics and beauty salon treatments?

Also, we work more with lasers for skin rejuvenation and hair removal, skin tightening and skin firming for various problems. The difference between the medical aesthetics clinics is that they offered more specialized advanced services using medical grade machines. We use a lot of the latest medical grade lasers of which we must be highly trained and qualified to use.

In our centre, for example, all clients must have a doctor’s consultation before performing any laser treatment. We want to be 100% sure the patient doesn’t have any medical issues. This means that our doctors must also be trained in how our machines work and what outcomes the patient will have.

Keep in mind, that some salons in other countries may not require a doctor’s visit and background check. I believe that this is extremely important before deciding on a treatment.

Choosing the Right Aesthetician

So how are we to choose the right medical aesthetic clinic, aesthetician or salon?

What most people do is go by recommendation. This is the first step and a great way to see the results from someone who has already gone through the process.

Second, if an offer for treatment is too good to be true, it probably is. Non-invasive beauty treatments are a high-end product. The equipment is costly, the training has been an investment of time and money and some treatments can take hours to perform.

Third, be wary of cheap products used in the treatments. There are many brands out there, but we also have the power of the internet to investigate some of the products that you find on the aesthetician’s table. Don’t be shy to ask the names of the products and jot them down.

Fourth, look for qualifications on the wall or displayed. Professionals put a lot of time and effort into their training and are proud to show it off.

Fifth, do some research. We all have the power of the internet in our hands and can do some research on medical aesthetic centres, salons and aestheticians.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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