Tips to Slow Down Ageing Skin

What is the one mistake that you see women make in your practice that prevents them from slowing down the ageing process?

  • Poor lifestyle choices and sun damage. Sun exposure is the fastest way to get wrinkles and too many people expose themselves to the sun causing fine lines, dehydrated skin and ageing spots.
  • Poor sleep, too much alcohol intake, smoking, stress and poor nutrition all contribute to accelerated skin damage including wrinkles, rosacea, burst skin capillaries, dull, grey, yellowish skin tone, dry skin, eczema, uneven skin tone and skin laxity.

What is the most effective treatment and/or habit we can take to prevent skin ageing?

Use all your senses and knowledge, a healthy Lifestyle and avoid the sun!

Proper nutrition, adequate sleep, drinking enough water, a good skin care routine, avoiding smoking and alcohol and managing stress levels all while using sunscreen and/or avoiding the sun decelerate skin ageing. Believe it or not, meditation and yoga are also great anti-ageing secrets for youthful looking skin.

Is there a minimum age limit for medical aesthetic treatments?

It is always a good idea to take care of your skin from a young age, however, medical grade aesthetic treatments on young people are usually only administered for teenagers with severe acne. We advise having a consultation with a doctor before going ahead with any treatments.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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