What is GillianE take on organic skin care products? Is it worth the extra cost?

GillianE: It’s nice to know exactly what is in our bottles of skin care products, which may include ingredients that you understand and even safe enough to eat. Organic products are great if someone has healthy normal young skin, but for treating particular anti-aging issues pigmentation, deep lines and wrinkles or acne needs a stronger more “active” product. In these cases, organic may not be the best anti-aging choice.

I believe in true anti-ageing products that are backed by scientific studies and as far as I know, organic skin care products are not as powerful at combatting signs of ageing.

I will repeat myself, for healthy and/or young skin, organic is great. For treating more serious issues, such as acne, deep lines and wrinkles and pigmentation we recommend using more powerful ingredients.

Most ingredients in products do not reach deep into the skin, so there is not much of a risk to using non-organic products. Although case by case this can be debatable.

The ingredient you should be concerned about is an essential oil, which is fantastically powerful, but you need to know how to use them as they have been proven to go into the bloodstream penetrating deeper into the epidermis.

Therefore essential oils should be 100% pure. Beware of synthetic essential oils on the market which may not be effective and could be detrimental…

You also want to avoid products that contain lanolin. Why? Because in some cases it has been known to stimulate facial hair and block pores.


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